Ringlet Toss - Shevy Wigs

When it can't get more natural, add a little bounce with a Shevy lace front.
Bouncy corkscrew curls are a sassy and sophisticated alternative to straighter looks.

Length: 6" layers at crown and 4" in back
Style: Short Corkscrew Curls
Part: Multi-directional
Quality: Five star

                    2 darkest brown
                    4 medium dark Brown
                    6 medium brown
                    6-10-st medium brown base with chunky blond streaks
                    8-4 dark brown base with warm brown streaks
                    8-6 medium brown base with light brown highlights
                    10-6 medium brown base with thin dark blond highlights
                    10-6-8 light ash brown
                    14-8 medium blond highlights on medium brown base
                    16-10-8 dark blond base with chunky streaks in ash and blond
                    24-8 ash blond base with chunky light ash streaks
                    24-14-12 golden blond
                    30-6-8 light warm brown
                    32 vibrant medium red

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