20" 3/4 Headband Fall - European Human Hairpiece by Georgie Wigs

This straight silky fall by Georgie is made of ultra luxurious European human hair. With lots of bounce and lots of fun, this falls cascades past the shoulders.

  • Length: 20"
  • Style: Hairband Fall
  • Part: Multi-directional

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1B Blue Black
2 Darkest Brown
4 Medium Dark Brown
8 Warm Brown
10-6-8 Light Ash Brown
30-6-8 Light Warm Brown
16-10 Medium Gold Blond Base with Light Blond Streaks
14-12 Warm Slightly Red Blond
24-16 Platinum Blond
24-14-12 Golden Blond
18-24 Medium Ash Blond
18-22 Light Ash Blond
51 Salt and Pepper with 65 Percent Grey Coverage
60 Silver White
30 Orange-Red

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