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"Great Bangs, thin cap so no gap between piece and hair. also with lace cap so really undetectable. so happy with my new bangs by lieba i can't leave my house without them."
Nathalie F.
Ottawa, Ontario

"Buying a wig could not have been easier. I ordered the Shevy bob. The process was so convenient. The wig arrived in a timely fashion and looked very much like the picture advertized. It's so cool, to order a good quality wig on line."
J. Hirsch
Lakewood, NJ

"Wow, I didn't know I could solve my thinning hairline so simply and inexpensively. I purchased human hair bangs from pickawig.com for only $120. In just three simple seconds, I snap it onto my hair and I look so much better."
Marla S.

"After contemplating for a long time what to buy my wife for her birthday, I decided to purchase a high end wig. Though her hair is quite nice, she has a very hectic schedule and doesn't have much time to go to the hairdresser every week to get her hair done.I was looking all over for a high quality wig, one that would feel nice, look natural so she could feel like herself. After much ressearch, I found Shevy wigs, and based on the information I came across, I found them to be of very high quality. I purchased the Shevy wig from www.pickawig.com. and although the price was steep, significantly more then the other products pickawig carries, it was well worth the purhcase. She was so excited when I presented the Shevy Wig to her. It's made from Euoropean hair and it's so natural. So if she doesn't have time to go to the hairdresser, she throws on the wig. She was very thankful."
Philip S.

"Pickawig definitely has great service. When my wig arrived, I realized that I ordered the wrong size, and wanted to exchange the wig. I contacted them, and they sent me another wig HASSLE FREE. It was great working with them. They have great customer service. From now on, I'm buying my wigs at pickawig."
A. Raful
Brooklyn, NY

"I live in some hick town, where they only sell cheap wigs. I'm so glad to have found pickawig because they sells high end wigs."
G. Bark
Silver Spring, MD

"I just receieved my wig toppper. The color is so perfect, it blends perfectly with my hair."
Sandra P.
Des Moines, Iowa

"I have been shopping for a top-quality wig for almost 1 year, and I have spent as much as $2,000, up to 3,500 on various "high-quality" wigs.
This is the finest quality wig I have ever seen!!!
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for recommending this wig for me. I was so happy with the piece, It almost brought me to tears. I finally have a comfortable, awesome-quality,beautifully-cut wig to wear. I must say, although shopping for a wig has been a long, tremendous frustration for me, it was worth it to have finally discovered Shevy quality.
Shevy Rocks! and I will be sure to pass-on the great news!
I am so looking forward to all of my future shopping and purchases from Pick-a-wig!
You guys are great."
S. A.
Florence, Mt