Is it normal for my wig to knot?

December 27, 2018

Absolutely! Especially in the winter. The friction of the coat combined with heating and other winter elements are rough on the wig. For most wigs, knotting occurs at the inside rows.

How do you deal with the knotting?

  1. Brush the wig out after each wear in the direction of tips of hair to root. Work your way up.
  2. Use some detangling spray if necessary
  3. Put the hair in a ponytail when wearing a coat

When is knotting considered a manufacturing defect?

  1. If the wig knots like a bird’s nest, when you are not wearing a coat
  2. If it takes you longer than 15 minutes to brush out the knots
  3. If the knots are not just isolated to the hair by the nape

Most reputable companies will stand behind their product and treat the wig for knotting.

Important information about knotting:

For some reason that is not completely comprehensible, high-end wigs, the ones made from European Human hair, will normally knot in the first 3-6 months of wear. But once you break into the wig, and after a couple of washes, you will notice significant improvement in the knotting. Whereas wigs made from inferior hair quality won’t knot in the beginning but after a couple of washes it will turn into one complete matted knot that you can’t brush through.

You should also note that the longer the wig, the more it will knot.

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