Instructions for clip in bangs by Lieba

December 27, 2018

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Instructions for Bangs by Lieba 

1)      Clip the wider side by your hairline and then clip the narrower side.

2)      Wet bangs before cutting and brush into desired style; i.e. if you want thicker bangs comb more hair towards face, and if you want thinner bangs, just comb a thin selection forward.

3)      When cutting bangs, leave hair on the sides and in the back longer to blend in with your own hair.

4)      Style and blow dry.

5)      Bangs can be colored by a professional

6)      Wash every 2-3 weeks if worn daily.

7)      Use high quality shampoo.

8)      Lather shampoo in a downward motion. Do not scrunch hair. Rinse

9)       Apply a high quality rinse -out conditioner to the ends of the hair.

10)    Enjoy Bangs by Lieba

For more information on how to wear Bangs by Lieba, please see our infomercial


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